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"Dough: Wheat Flour (gluten), Vegetable Fat Spread, Water,"
"Salt, Dextrose Monohydrate, Vinegar, Enzymes: Fungal a-amylase and Bacterial Protease."
"Filling: Halloumi Cheese 43% (milk), Anari Cheese (milk), Milk, Liquid Pasteurized Whole Eggs, Mint, Salt."
"Vegetable Fat Spread contains palm, rapeseed, coconut, sunflower in varying proportions, water, salt, Emulsifier: Mono-and diglycerides of fatty acids E471, flavoring, Acidity regulator: Citric Acid E330, Colour: Carotenes El 60a."
"Halloumi cheese contains cow's, goat's and sheep's milk,"
"salt, non-animal microbial rennet, dried mint leaves."
"Anari cheese contains cow's, goat's and sheep's whey, cow's"
"milk, salt."
"Liquid pasteurized whole eggs contains chicken's eggs, water, preservative: sodium benzoate E211, Acidity regulator: Citric Acid E330.
The product contains milk derivatives and can cause hypersensitivity